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Zepic Ventures creates new Skiing/Boarding Website.

Zepic Ventures is proud to introduce its new website, PowderCam.com. Having a team of skiing enthusiasts who like to travel, we often wondered what it would be like to go to a particular mountain. Although there are numerous websites where you can find bits of information, we couldn’t find any that had all of the information in one place. Not only do you see statistics about the mountain, but also can see videos and comments by real people so they can get a sense of what it would be like to be there without all of the self-promotion that comes with seeing videos from a resort. We also provide links to popular social media so you can get up-to-date postings from people following the resort and see what they are talking about. Along with the mountain videos, we are gathering anything that we find interesting or fun. We are gathering instructional videos, behind-the-scenes, links to interesting articles, and other videos.

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Zepic Ventures looks to the Coffee Market

Zepic Ventures is proud to have created it`s first site utilizing a website creation framework created with ZepicData. This framework allowed us to create a database driven and responsive website in record time. Coffee Bean Master is dedicated to the millions of coffee lovers everywhere who are interested in learning new brewing methods, coffee recipes, and much more. Along with this information, you'll get numerous reviews on equipment so that you can be well informed when making new purchases related to coffee equipment.

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Zepic Ventures - Products

What we offer

Zepic Ventures is in the market of providing various products and servives to the consumer market where they see opportunites. Our first product, zClubHost, is online software intending to help school and club leaders manage their groups.

Zepic Ventures - Our Support

Our Support

At Zepic Ventures, we are dedicated to our customers and their needs. Zepic Ventures aims to provide fast responsive service whether it is a simple question or a comment for a new idea about one of our products and services.